Monday, January 6, 2014

Singapore: Last year's birthday getaway

I have acquired the reputation of getting away alone on my birthday. Last year, I traveled alone for the first time to Singapore.

Honestly, it was both fun and sad. I realized that I didn't have anyone to celebrate with on my birthday which I spent on the plane. So I would have to do better than that this year.

My travel to Singapore was a food trip above all. I also made my own itinerary based on available maps and tourist spot information online.

Food hunting started with Kaya Toast. There is love and goodness about this breakfast fare of Singapore. I walked abt one kilometer from my hostel and there it is. Paired with good ice coffee, the toast and soft-boiled egg were a good first meal in SG.

On my next two days, I learned how to use the MRT which turned out to be a lot of fun. Their light rail system is easy to understand, efficient and very near my hostel in Chinatown.

Speaking of hostel, I stayed in Wink Hostel in Mosque St., Chinatown. The reason I stayed in a hostel was, first, I thought I don't really want to spend more for a hotel room which I would barely use. Great thing was that Wink Hostel turned out to be a great place. It was very clean, accessible from MRT and hip. Each guest has a smart card which gives you exclusive access to your room and to your locker. The hostel also has good bathroom and dining facilities. Bed linen are of excellent quality, good-smelling and very white. The place exudes a cool, intellectual vibe. I most definitely recommend this to people who ask me for recommendations.

Best of all, traveling by plane to SG meant I will be going to Changi airport, which is a travel bucket list item in itself. Changi is a terrific airport.

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