Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mommy writer's block over. I hope.

So I'm back.

I hope.

While I am sure that only a few would notice my blogging lull, I have been nagging myself for sometime to blog now. Indeed, inspiration strikes at the least expected instances.

For the past months, I have been wandering, well, literally and figuratively. I have honestly been busy with work for the first part of the year and loved it immensely. Why? Because my work involved a lot of the things that I love: advising, travelling, food and going to new places.

My family life has been busy also with our summer vacation to my husband's hometown, which entailed packing and putting together the kids' stuff for about a month. (I'm not kidding!) I have four kids so making sure that their wardrobe is complete and not overly-sufficient while at the same time organized in a way that I do not have to rearrange the luggage everyday. How I did that is an article all to itself.

Then there's school which starts in June in the Philippines. I have 3 children going to school now so we wake up extra earlier to make sure that they get to school, and my husband to work, on time.

I have been wandering, figuratively that is, too.

In simple terms, I am going through some things. Not all necessarily bad or stressful though. I am just feeling like I have too many choices and yet feel like I couldn't get down to a decision. Does that sound ironic? It would seem so but believe me, it is daunting.

I have been going out with friends, visiting places I've not been to, drinking coffee alone, watching a lot of great shows, food find hunting and cooking. All while trying to figure out what endeavor to take on next.

If I finally decide, I will let you know.

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