Friday, July 4, 2014

Why moms should travel alone

I am a mother of four little children aged 3 to 10. I also consult for hotels and restaurants, organize events and seminars. I blog, cook, read and love meeting up with friends mostly for coffee.

I personally cook our meals despite having a helper and oversee their school work and clothes. I believe in trying to be there for meals and bedtime prayers. I like to keep busy physically and mentally.

Other mothers would probably have crazier schedules. Others would probably be confined to the house most of the week. So I am sure that my life is a lot less busier than most mothers.

But I have realized that being a mother, by itself, is a major emotional and physical endeavor. It takes up a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

With my work in tourism, I am glad to have the chance to travel quite a lot. I am also lucky to have the chance to go out as necessary to shop, for coffee or just to eat out alone or with my spouse or friends.

But at least once a year, I try to travel alone to a place I have not been to. Sounds daunting, yes, but believe me, it is an absolutely rejuvenating activity given there are no hiccups in your travel.

I highly recommend for mothers to travel alone. Why?

First, for the obvious reason that you can get away from home and childcare. Housework and taking care of kids can be tiring, admit it. It can be stressful at times and mind-numbing. While you love being at home or love your children, you need to recharge outside to be enjoy them anew.

Second, it gives you excited! It can be about spending more time with your family, cooking (taking inspiration from what you ate while on travel), redecorating, reading or just about being quiet and being back to something familiar. When I stay in hotel rooms and airport terminals for one week, I have a bigger appreciation for my bed, my kitchen, the city I live in, my couch and my family. A quick break reloads your view.

My latest travel was to Cagayan de Oro. this picture is in beautiful Bukidnon on the way to Cagayan de Oro. Took me about 11 hours by bus from General Santos City.
Third, travelling educates you. And like spiritual rejuvenation, our minds, our intellect needs rejuvenation. Addition even. Seeing new places, trying out restaurants and being quiet for days excite me and just makes me joyous. I have more stories to tell, my view of the world is enriched and informed.

Lastly, travelling alone and getting away from the home briefly means you are organized, not guilty and has a great sense of yourself. Plain and simple.

I personally have a travel bucket list which I have listed online and in a notebook. One of my immediate must-visits is Japan. If I have the budget, I would love to see New York, Cairo, Venice, Paris and Sydney. I am also trying to travel more within the Philippines. My goal is to visit from North to South so that means I will visit Batanes which is the northernmost place in the Philippines.

Visit to view my bucket list and dream vacation homes.

So when was the last time you traveled alone? What is your next travel destination?

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