Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Have you optimized online shopping yet?

Let's face it. Women love to shop. Well, most that is. Sometimes, the frequency drops when you become a mother but more often than not it spirals when you strart having children because you are now shopping for one more person and sometimes more. 

But have women optimized online shopping yet?

It's supposed to be a great tool for busy moms, mothers who can't leave home to take care of the children or for moms who just simply love to shop.

Sometimes, I feel that men shop online more than women. I think it is because they don't usually find happiness window shopping or don't have the tendency to scour shops before making a purchase. So online stores give them what they need and they just buy quickly. My husband loves photography and he buys a lot from online stores for his hobby from cf card to lens.

We may have optimized our online travel shopping what with airline and hotel websites totally equipped with payment and booking tools that make it very convenient to buy tickets and rooms online. Also, they have a very strong email subscription campaign. I also like these group discount websites.

I am subscribed to a handful of email notifications on sales and promos from online stores like Meritline where I get Meritline updates

While I have all these notifications, I feel I have a trouble buying online for clothes, shoes and bags because of the fear of not getting the right fit. I do have bought accessories, books, travel and household equipment. So I guess my only dilemma would be fashion. I thinks this is also because I like going through rows and rows and store after store in choosing clothes and shoes.

So as to the question, I think I have not. I know stores have found out ways to help you in choosing sizes but I think it's just me. For the rest of the stuff we need, let's get shopping!

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