Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blessing Blindness

We tend to overlook how blessed we are sometimes. Sometimes, it's not sometimes but oftentimes.

We get distracted by little problems, small problems, small hurdles, big hurdles. And no matter how we are already bombarded by inspirational books, text messages, tv shows, facebook posts, tweets and blog articles, when the boulder- sometimes pebble- of disappointment, hits us, we forget all about optimism and succumb to the wretched feeling of defeat. How emotional have we become.

I feel that way sometimes. Sometimes it's not even sometimes but oftentimes.

On a couple of recent incidents, I would be “awakened” by comments from friends, old and current, saying how I am blessed with my life, my family, my career; how they wish they were doing what I do; how they admire what I do and so on. And then, it would hit me, I have not been seeing how really, really blessed I am.

While I do not actually envy other people, and if I do get envious, I do not take action upon it, there would really be things in life that I wish I was doing or having.

I fail to appreciate how I am blessed. I get put off by little difficulties. I give up, get upset. Luckily for me, I have these people and events that make me realize how foolish I am in my state of mind.

While I cannot promise to make a 360 turnaround from this mentality, I will honestly try to make good out of everything that happnes to me and that is given to me. It's something that has been said so many times so many ways. We, human beings, just like drama.

For the moment, I am typing my heart's content out and hope that I can come out of my “blindness” when the boulder or pebble strikes again. Because, anyway, this is life. While we cannot always live it the way we like it, we should live it because, well, it's life.

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