Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Filipino home's little luxuries

The Philippines has already been tagged as the Texting capital of the world, rightly so since, well most Filipinos do have a mobile phone. Nowadays, they are moving to smartphones and android phones. There are even people who have at least two phones or at least two cellphone numbers what with the popularity of dual sim phones.

While texting will be a "given" for Filipinos, the onset of internet in the Philippines is another story. We are now the biggest nationality of Asians in facebook and twitter. I, myself, have subscriptions from linkedin to instagram. Honestly, I can't keep up with all of them anymore.

In my life as a work-from-home mom, the technologies of my generation are very helpful with my family and career life. While some of them are supposed to be for communication purposes, they have also become business and entertainment portals of sort. There's the internet, cable TV, telephone and other conveniences like

I have to say that, at some point, the conveniences become dependency-forming. When you need a recipe, google it. When you have to check spelling or definition, search for it. Telephone numbers are stored in your mobile phones. We don't really get to memorize anything anymore.

On the good side, they are a big help to moms who want to keep time for family while earning a living. Work can be done while the kids are playing, in school, sleeping or while the stew is simmering. I have the habit of cooking while working. This just shows that, really, nothing is impossible now.

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