Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Put it down once in a while

I am a blogger. Facebooker. Twitterer. Texter.

I am practically online the whole day.

I am sure a lot of you are too.

The inspiration for this article was what happened to me yesterday. Unintentionally, bottomline, I was offline the whole day! It was a most unusual situation indeed. Not being able to work on my laptop, check my mail, update my facebook was not very comfortable for me.

For some reasons I can't fathom, my laptop would not charge and my tablet would not charge. (I think I broke the micro USB connection.) I don't have a smartphone or android phone so I couldn''t go online with that. My house's wifi was still up but I.DID.NOT.HAVE.A.DEVICE.TO.USE. How odd is that!

Well, while it felt crippling initially, like trying to come out of an addiction, I got something good out of it and, yes, I survived the day.

And then, I realized, I can still do a lot of things, still be productive even without being hooked to a gadget.

I did some computing and writing and planning for a coming project with the use of just my notebook, pen and calculator. I started writing and thinking. After lunch, I read real, tangible books. Finished a couple of short stories on my recent read, Ford County by John Grisham. I honestly have a different kind of joy when I finish reading a real book. Something about the ceremonious closing of the book that is fulfilling.

With being "analog" for a day, I realized, yes it can be done and it should be done. We should be detached from the World Wide Web once in a while. We should learn to free up our mind once in a while or maybe at least a few minutes in a day.

We should put done our gadgets once in a while.

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