Monday, September 26, 2011

Five Things to Remember if you have four or more kids

I have recently written about how having four kids is enough. Looking at our lifestyle now, we have taken on some habits that came about when there were already four of them.

Well, of course, you have to get four of everything right? Well, in some cases, no. Like food (since Marcus has a different diet) for example. Now that Marcus is approaching one-year-old-hood, we have to start getting four of Yakult (have to make four sets), cereals, drinks. Now, when we buy clothes, we buy one for each of them unless it's a school costume. Our relatives also have to think that there are four kids from me when they buy pasalubong.

When there are four little kids in the house, the clothes could get out of hand! My two girls practically have the same sizes and clothes. Same with my boys too. We have somehow memorized which are thre three eldest kids' clothes. Marcus' clothes are still washed separately. Make sure your kids have separate closets or even just drawers for their things and that everybody knows how the kids' things are segregated.

You will think that my kids share practically the same clothes? Well, not really. While there are clothes and things that are handed down from Camille down to Marcus, I avoid letting the younger one wear clothes that they have worn a lot publicly. Hand-me-downs include their infant clothes, toys, books, sleepwear, shirts and shorts for house use and baby accessories like pillows, towels and bed linen. But for their Sunday and party clothes, I try to minimize tt to shorts and pants.

Disciplining could get really frantic with four children. I have to say that it has been hardest with the two youngest since they practically don't know yet that some things are not allowed. But the principles of child discipline should still apply: fairness, consistency and reason.

I think that of all the above things, this is the one that I want to tell myself everyday. I try to keep my house in order. When I'm at home (or when I just got home), you'll see me picking up toys, books, calling out orders to the helpers, preparing food and that kind of stuff. But sometimes, I jsut let the house be. Well, I still clean up at the end of the day. But while the kids are at it, just won't be any use cleaning up after them yet.

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