Monday, September 19, 2011

Four is Enough

I have four kids. For someone who is somewhat of a control freak, having four little kids could get... uhmmm.... stressful. Four kids with all their little clothes, school things, loads of toys, needs, biscuits and other things usually mean a house out of control.

At four kids, I am going to say four is definitely enough for me.

Last week, for my husband's birthday, the whole family, including helpers, trooped to a local resort. For an overnighter, we had to pack at least four bags plus our baby's milk can and bottles. I usually travel light so seeing all those bags for one night in a hotel seems too much but really that's the minimum requirement for four little kids travelling.

Four is enough, how?
  • We won't fit in our small car anymore.
  • We won't fit in our dining table anymore.
  • We need more clothesline.
  • We just plainly need more space in the house!
But of course, during times when we would just monkey around in the kids' room, making one of the babies cry or pillow fighting, it just seemed more fun with four kids stepping over us (or each other). Besides, our eldest is also growing up fast so a 10-month old baby is okay.

Four is absolutely enough!

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