Sunday, July 17, 2011

Parenting by Example

As they say, children are like sponges. Their mind works around the thought that "if the adults are doing it, it must be the right thing to do". I totally agree with this and it has become an unspoken rule in my household that the adults who get to stay here be good examples to the kids.

The helpers and our relatives who visit understand that when around the kids, there is a certain level of discipline and good manners that is required.

Looking at my children now, we must be doing something right. They are recognized in school for being well-behaved, we are appreciated for their good behavior and our house is a lot more peaceful than our neighbors.

They see that their parents are not quarreling (not in front of them anyway), that no foul words are spoken and that even the helpers try to be well-behaved in front of them. I know that the time will come when they will be exposed to really nasty things later on. I pray that they will learn from what they see and not be damaged by them.

We, parents, have a huge responsibility to be good examples to them in all aspects. I do not believe in exposing children to the reality at their early ages. I believe in arming them with enough good values and manners enough to resist the bad ones they will encounter later on.

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