Sunday, July 10, 2011

Raising Kids to be Practical

I would always hear from fellow parents in my generation that their kids now are so picky about clothes and have so many things in the most unusual designs.

I would always feel surprised and sad. Well, because, we, parents, are supposed to have control over our children's behavior and consequently, their spending and purchases. When parents complain about their children's misbehavior, I am surprised why they even complain.

One of the things I hope parents would teach their children is the value of FUNCTIONALITY or BEING PRACTICAL. The most important reason being it curbs adult spending problems later on in life. It also helps the environment. It also helps your child's well-being.

We, parents, should instill in our kids the value of materials things. How they should be taken care of to last longer, that not all things need to be replaced at once. We have to teach our kids that people do not have to be measured by the brand or the quantity of their shoes or shirt but by whether what we wear are clean and presentable.

Some families might have a difficult time doing this because this would mean "fighting" their lifestyle or their financial capability. When you can buy anything you want, why should you take care of the things you have?

Children who grow up seeing their parents value their things until they are practically unusable and irreparable grow up doing the same thing. This means lesser possibility of them being impulse buyers and spending for things they do not need.

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