Friday, June 24, 2011

Moms can benefit from tech too (a lot!)

I do not claim to be a techie nor am I fond of collecting gadgets. I am more of the functional kind of consumer. If my phone can text and call, I am very happy already. However, in these days, when a mom has be a supermom multitasking and working sometimes, applications on phones and the computer are becoming a big help.

In my case, I am fond of lists. I have written previously that I have a list for everything. Now, sometimes I cannot go grocery shopping so I ask my husband to do it for me. Although, most of the time, we go together. Instead of emailing him the shopping list or giving him the list itself, I input it into our account and he gets it. This springpad website is great for organizing and I recommend it.

On a daily basis, I benefit from the net by checking out recipes, reading articles or just staying sane with four kids at home. My kids get to watch their favorite movies on the DVD player or the desktop.

Even the most common of gadgets are my savior. Sometimes, when there is something that needs to be listed or copied, I just whip out my reliable point-and-shoot Kodak easyshare and take a photo. Saves me a lot of time and effort. Just pop the SD card into the computer and you get what you need copied.

So many iPod apps have also helped me at one time. Like when I gave birth, my husband installed a contraction timer. It was a great tool! When my contractions start he starts the timer and ends it when my contractions end. The app automatically computes interval between contractions and length of each contraction. My husband also has a egg timer app. It helps you assist the kind of boiled egg you want.

I will admit that I am still using a real planner (the one made of paper, you know) for my schedule. But for everything else, from address books to shopping lists, it's all digital for me.

How about you?

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