Thursday, February 17, 2011

The list goes on

Yes, I have a list for everything from grocery to recipes to books to buy to movies to see.

I'm a woman of lists! Born, bred, raised with lists! And I'm proud of it.

The reason I said "born, bred, raised with lists" is because my mother was the one who opened my eyes to making a list. We had a sari-sari store when I was in grade
school and she made a list for the things we had to buy when refilling the shelves. She would make lists for major events in the family too.

Making lists has been one of my business tools. My line of work requires it being in the events and consultancy business. Lots of things to do and small details at that. That's with matching deadline. Checklists have definitely been helpful. They are both alleviating and increasing the pressure. When you see a long list of things to do/buy/see, you get stressed out! But as you get to tick off an item, it becomes encouraging.

I know people who prefer mental notes. No can do for me. I find extreme satisfaction in seeing checkboxes getting a check mark. I'm visual in that sense. But most of all, I think I just love making lists. It's more of an OC thing, I think.

So for your sanity, try making a list for the tasks you have to do. Trust me, it's a great habit to start.

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