Sunday, May 8, 2011

What mom didn't tell you about motherhood

Mom didn't tell you that,while feeding kids vegetables is a must, feeding them potato chips and lots of ice cream is also satisfying.

Mom told you that kids should be allowed to run outside and bask in all the sunlight and dust to boost their immune system, but she didn't tell you that in these uncertain days, an adult should be constantly monitoring them.

Mom didn't tell you that, innocent as angels they are, kids have the ability to make adults realize important principles in life.

Mom didn't tell you that why you keep having kids despite all the pains and adjustments that come with pregnancy and a new baby.

Mom didn't tell you that, for some mothers, you will not feel an overwhelming love for kids all the time and would want to run away from them for a while. This feeling will go away. After a few hours of taking a break, you'd want to be back with them.

Mom didn't tell you that drawing and singing and dancing are talents needed from a mom especially in preschool.

Mom didn't tell you that spanking kids are much more painful for parents than they do kids on the bum.

Mom didn't tell you that preschool doodles and stick figures could bring tears to a mom's eyes.

Mom didn't tell you that a baby's smell can take away all the stress in the world.

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