Monday, April 25, 2011


The two weeks before Holy Week have been really crazy weeks for me. Just when I thought, I would not have time to take a break despite being it Holy Week, I did and I am really thankful.

I got to slow it down starting Maundy Thursday up to Easter Sunday. I did go to work for some hours on Black Saturday but it was basically leisurely (it was a food tasting, how can I complain?) and not cerebral so it was good.

With the four-day break, I got to spend time with my family. I had lots of cuddling time with our baby Marcus. We also had time to watch a lot of movies together. Personally, I got time to read a book which was really great since I definitely love books and I have been passing up on this great pastime because of work.

Above it all, I had time to breathe and just be idle, something I rarely get to do. I am constantly thinking and planning and thinking and planning!

For Good Friday, my family and I did our annual Visita Iglesia. I also promised not to check my facebook nor touch any computer of any form until Black Saturday. Good sacrifice, if you ask me.

I am writing this on Easter Sunday and I am excited to get on another busy week. I hope you had a meaningful Holy week as well.

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