Sunday, June 5, 2011

My personal saving tips for school opening shopping

I am going to brag that I already finished shopping all my kids' school needs last month. I just like doing this ahead of everybody so that I don't have to join the school shopping rush.

I only have two kids going to school and I've only been sending kids to school for four years now but I already have gotten the tricks of the trade, I would say.

Here are my five tips to saving and/or spending unnecessarily for the new school year.

I believe in function over fashion and even over "showing off". My kids' black shoes from last year were still okay so I didn't buy them new ones yet. Camille's preschool small trolley bag still looks brand-new and she used it like two years ago. I kept it, wrapped it well and this year, my Maxinne will use it.

I am thankful that my kids' school gives out a list of school supplies and toiletries needed early in April. Parents who want to buy their materials ahead can do so. At the same time, parents can plan their budget and buy only what is needed in school. If your kid's school does not do this, ask their teachers for the number of subjects. Buy for the first two months so that you buy only as needed.

Unfortunately, in children's products, the good quality ones are more often than not the pricier ones. This applies to shoes, school bags, pad papers, notebooks, ballpoint pens and other small items like sharpeners and erasers. I personally would rather pay a good price for bags than have to buy another one in the middle of the year. If you try to scrimp on it and end up buying two in a year's time, it will end up more expensive for you.

So are you ready for the new school year? I hope you already are. Goodluck to all of us!

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