Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Dream of Financial Comfort

I am at a point in my life where I am concerned about my family's financial stability. Currently, we are doing really well. I must admit that having four kids is quite a financial handful. A new baby is definitely expensive and preschool education is too.

That's why my husband and I work hard to keep up with the house expenses. As I was saying, at this point, I am already thinking about 5 years and beyond. I want to be extra-ambitious! I don't want just to be able to pay the bills and have something extra. Simply put, I want to be rich. Might be too worldly, but hey, I know in most people's hearts, they wish the same thing too. Being rich is not bad at all. It's what we do with being rich that could be good or bad.

What do I exactly dream about? I want to be able to put aside a big amount of money for my children's education up until college. I want to have two cars: one for my husband and one for me and my kids. With a driver preferably because I don't think I really want to drive because of my poor eyesight. I want to have two or three major businesses of my own and several investments. I want to have a brokerage account that will take care of other possible investments. I want to repay all the people who have helped me in the past. A retirement plan would surely be included too not just for me but for my mom and my aunts as well.

I am 34 now and my goal is to gain this in five years. I know, I know. It's totally impossible at this point. But I have big hopes. As they say, to dream is free so I'm going to dream big!

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