Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The TV shows of my childhood

If you ask me now what I watched while growing up, I would answer these two shows: MacGyver and Hunter. Ok, seems like they're for boys. But what can I do? I only have brothers, my father was a military officer and my mother enjoyed these shows too.

Who didn't look forward to Saturdays knowing they'd be thrilled again with another MacGyver wizardry?

Yes, we watched local shows as well but these shows really were my equivalent of Harry Potter for kids nowadays.

Other than those shows, I also loved A-Team, Chips and Airwolf. It's been ages ago and can barely remember stories but I am sure, I enjoyed them. Local shows I remember were Young Love, Sweet Love and those horror shows whose names I don't remember anymore but they were good. I also watched a lot of Bioman, Shaider, Voltes V, Karate Kat, Thundercatss, Rainbow Brite, Flying House and (drum rolls), Astroboy. Who didn't love Astroboy? I get excited just thinking about 'em shows.

I remember our neighbors and my dad's basketball team trooping to our house during PBA game seasons and having a good time cheering for Ginebra/Anejo whichever their name is for that season. I so miss those times.

To this day I still love watching TV shows, only I download them through torrent. I get the shows that I like even if they're not shown in local or cable channels.

How about you? What shows were from your childhood?

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