Monday, February 21, 2011

Camille's Scribbles

My kids are at the age where they can write and color the whole day. My eldest, Camille, loves to draw us and herself and write sweet notes on her drawings.

Every occasion (Valentine, Christmas, etc), she makes a note for us like this one.
They usually use up my scratch papers and scribble away the whole day till they are hungry or need to pee. (Sadly, some scribbles end up on the wall.)

That's why wherever they go, they always bring along their crayons and pencils.

My heart melts when I see their scribbles. Sincere, simple expressions of their hearts. Good thing there are scanners now to immortalize these treasures.


  1. I think i need to make hagilap my daughter's scribbles, I will treasure them in a clear book to show them when they are older.

  2. Yes Sheng. Do that! Nag aayos nga ako ng mga gamit nila the other day. Kakailanganin ko ata ng isang cabinet hanggang lumaki na sila.