Monday, February 28, 2011

Odors away!

I have really bad eyesight. I think it's the reason why my other senses are over-sensitive. I have good hearing and my nose is as sharp as a dog's.

I can smell bad smells and the good ones as well especially when I just entered a room or some enclosed space. Sometimes, it's not even enclosed.

So in my house, I would instantly know if something needs to be washed or r
eplaced or "lysol-ed". (I always have a can at home.) I hunt down the source of the smell and make sure it's eliminated. At the same time, I maintain a regular clean-up to make sure the house stays smelling nice and clean.

Here are some tips for keeping your place great smelling all the time.

TRASH. Your trash bins should be emptied everyday and the bins washed, air-dried and disinfected regularly. Bacteria thrives in your trash bins and usually cause bad odors. Make sure also that you do the same to your larger trash bins outside the house.

CURTAINS AND LINEN. Your curtains, table cloths and towels are quiet causes of disagreeable
odors. Dirt, the smell of your cooking, grease, smoke and just about any odor stick to the fabric. Therefore, it is necessary to wash them regularly especially those in the kitchen and dining room areas.

CLEAN EVERYDAY. I admit to cleaning the house everyday (well, not me but my helper). It is most important for me to keep the house wiped down everyday because we have little children at home who would not benefit from a dirty house at all.

SUN AND WIND. Open your windows to let the sun and wind in. Sunlight is a great eliminator of smell as it acts as some sort of disinfectant. It lends a crisp smell to linen and to pillows when allowed to be warmed up under the sun. I am lucky to be living in a tropical country where we can sundry our clothes almost everyday and not have to use the dryer sometimes.

AVOID PERFUMES AND COLOGNES. I may sound ironic with this advice but yes, it is better to avoid wearing perfumes and colognes. I noticed that they create an unusual smell on clothes and leather when mixed with dirt or smoke. It is better to just keep the smell of soap and clean linen on you. This advice would also be applicable to fabric softeners with strong scents and allegedly carcinogenic air fresheners.

When it comes to cleanliness, I still prefer to do it with the least amount of chemicals. Smelling clean does not entail using scents but keeping a clean house.

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