Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love the Lite!

I am trying to lose weight. Recently, my efforts on cutting down on carb and eating less meat has been successful. I am proud to say that I love vegetables so I don't have a problem on that front. But the carb and the meats were a struggle.

With this endeavor, I am delighted that a lot of light or lite versions of my staple foods and ingredients have come out in the market. Here's a
list of my favorite ones.


I'm a coffee lover so just to make me feel less guilt on my second cup, I have used Coffeemate Light ever since I saw it on the grocery shelf. Taste the same, in my opinioin.


Butter makes everything better! Now, less sinful with these healthier versions.


I try to avoid cream-needing dishes but when I do cook one, I use D'lite instead of the totally delicious regular Nestle Cream. The taste is not the same that's for sure. But it achieves the "cream" taste somewhat.

Aside from the above, I always use muscovado sugar and vegetable oil.

So if you have not tried these products, do now! May still carry some cholesterol or fat but less is better than a lot, isn't it?

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