Sunday, February 13, 2011

What do your children watch?

My family likes basically three things: food, movies and books. Our house has better monitors than sofa sets (smile). Shows our priorities, huh?

My husband and I are very particular about the shows that the kids watch. Our local cinema and television broadcasts are just not okay with us. In our opinion, the shows shown in the local television are not suitable for children. Yes, there are a few magazine shows on the weekends that are great like Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho. But, one, you still have to weed through the shows for someething apt for kids. The primetime, weekday shows are just not okay.
We have not subscribed to cable television since we have fast internet anyway. We just download good tv shows for our kids and a lot of feature films that have not been released in the Philippines. Admittedly, we do download movies especially those that don't get to be shown in our local movie houses.

As parents, we have a responsibility to screen what our kids watch. For me, I allow my kids to watch a show if, one, the language and the actions are suitable for them. No bad words, offensive actions, violence, sex, drugs, smoking, drinking and the like. Second, it should be something they would enjoy too. Don't you miss Flying House and Rainbow Brite? I do. I wish they had those today. By the way, Tom and Jerry, in my opinion, is too violent for kids.

Do we even wonder why some kids learn about bad habits and bad languages so early? It's because we do not protect them from such inappropriate media and environment.

At the same time, encourage your kids to read and to play. I would be just as happy if they picked up a book instead of watching a movie.

Do not replace television or movies with your attention. Parenthood is more than a flat screen and a DVD player.

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