Monday, February 7, 2011

The Best Recognition

This article is going to make me sound bragging. I guess I am bragging. When your children are appreciated for their good behavior by other people, that is, for me, the greatest recognition a parent can have.

Until about two decades ago, mass media has not used EQ or emotional intelligence in advertisements for products for children and milk. So what happened was, while parents strive to raise smart children, there was also the challenge of raising kids with EQ.

I know that intelligence is more genetic than environmental. Of course, encouragement and support for studying hard and all that helps. So more or less, your kids' smartness just needs to be cultivated but maybe not inculcated.

My two eldest children are both in school now. And thankfully, both of them have been receiving merit cards that recognize their good behavior in class. Of course, we, parents, give importance to their academic achievements but we reward them substantially for their good behavior awards. Tehy get merits for being Most Well-Behaved and Most Polite almost the whole year for the four and three years they have been in school.

When your children are given that recognition, makes you want to think you are doing something right.

I am sure that how they are at home is how they are in school. Our house would not seem like it's populated with kids until you see their toys. They sure are great kids.

So while we work hard so we can send our children to the best schools we can afford, let us not forget our foremost responsibility to our children: teaching them good values and being great examples to them.

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