Sunday, July 4, 2010

Confessions of a (non) Shopaholic Mom

Fashionista? Nah. Crazy over bags or shoes? Only for functional purposes.

I do not take being a shopaholic against other ladies or moms for that matter. It's just that I am not one.

Recently, I was talking to a restaurateur/foodie and we shared the same expense addiction: food. Not so much on clothes or other fashion items. And that's who I am: I buy clothes, shoes and bags because it means there is a functional need for one of 'em. However, I do spend a lot on food and dining and books. And office supplies. (I have a little National Bookstore in my home office.) I like to be ready for my printing and office needs. So I'm well-stocked up on different kinds of paper, pen, glue, ribbons and the like.

That I am an Ilocana is one thing. But I think it's also because I did not really grow up with a lot of material comfort. All my things until my college days were all basic and very functional. I had one or two pairs of jeans for school. I was not "in" when the striped t-shirts and Guess jeans became the fashion. Sure, you know what's in fashion. But it's not me. I like classical designs. Those designs that will be okay to wear or use at any time. At the same time, I am not an "ukay-ukay" maniac. Nope. Definitely not for me.

Even now that I get to buy what I need (not all that I want), I still stick to buying functional rather than because I simply like the item. I remember on a tourism sales mission to Bangkok, my fellow sales managers have already maxed out their baggage weight allowance and had to buy another luggage for their purchases. Mine were still well within the allowed weight.

I believe in being practical even if you have extra money to buy things you still like. I believe in using all your clothes and bags and shoes on a regular basis, rotating if you may. It keeps the wear and tear less on each item. I believe in teaching my kids that it does not matter that you are not in fashion. What matters is keeping your finances and your integrity intact.

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