Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Permission to eat

A pregnant woman is not allowed to eat all she wants just because she's pregnant or eating for two or three or whatever number of babies.

It sure is hard to control your appetite when you are pregnant. Surprisingly for me, I get satisfied easily during my 1st trimester till mid-2nd trimester. Now, that I'm towards the 3rd trimester, I have a bigger appetite and shorter satiation periods. I have to be eating something in 3 or 4 hours, which I think is just okay for a pregnant woman.

Remember, being pregnant does not give you license to eat all you want.

In fact, eating nutritious and fiber-rich foods should be a pregnant woman's rule of thumb now more than ever. This is because a pregnant woman is more susceptible to water retention, digestion problems, blood pressure and blood sugar problems.

When I am pregnant, I find that I more disciplined in my diet because I don't want to gain so much weight, avoid high blood pressure or gestational diabetes or even be constipated.

When you're pregnant, load up on fruits and vegetables, water and fiber. Snack on fresh fruits, whole grain bread, oatmeal and not on those sweet fares that are, well, sinfully good. Avoid caffeinated drinks and foods and just opt for water. When I eat out, it is extra-hard for me not to order coffee or iced tea as I am a coffee and iced tea drinker. I order juices instead or just water. Carbohydrates loading is a thing most pregnant women find hard to resist because of the need to feel satiated. But if you load up vegetables, it makes you feel full already without loading up on too much calories.

However, watching what you should not let you enjoy pregnant time. Keep active and be a wise eater!

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