Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Fourth Time Around

As you may have learned from my last blog entry, 2010, 7, 4, I am on the way with our fourth child.

After three kids, all still young and dependent on us, expecting one more within the year is not as eventful as my previous pregnancies. You sort of go through the motions and know really well what's coming up next. Sometimes, I'd like to think that I am an expert already on pregnancy and baby care as all my experiences are less than a decade old. Still fresh if you think about it.

I will be honest that at this time, I am already anticipating both the good and the bad. The good being allowed to be fat and eat a little more than what I should have, being assisted in all possible ways, being spoiled (sometimes). The bad being the labor, postpartum pains, sleep deprivation and the intricacies of protecting a newborn baby.

I am already on my second trimester, five months in a few days. Surprisingly, I am a lot lighter than my previous pregnancies at this stage. I gained one pound only within a month which is not normal for me. I usually gain at least four pounds. I am less ravenous than before, even before I got pregnant. My appetite gets satiated easily. What is most surprising is my lack of craving for high-calorie and sinful treats a pregnant woman usually likes. I don't get tempted by cakes, ice cream, junk food or salty treats. I am, in fact, eating healthier and snacking wisely, i.e., no biscuits or cookies, just bread or raisins or fruits. Totally surprising!

My doctor said that my baby's size is one week less than what it's supposed to be but she said it's definitely okay. I am glad that that's okay.

So for now, it's some four months away before I post pictures of our newborn. Hoping and praying all will be well like before.

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