Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School's here! My own adjustments this year

I have to say that this year would be one significant year for me as a mom with a preschool and now, a grade school kid.

My eldest is now in first grade! Wow, how time really flies fast!

The reason why it's a year of adjustment for me is because she'll be staying longer in school. This means that we now have two pick-up times for the kids and that she would have to eat lunch in school.

The first reason is an expense addition because this means that we would be needing two roundtrips now that they have different time schedules. It might be an adjustment initially but I'm sure we'll adapt to it and get used to it. This means also that, logistically, I have to adjust arrangements with my work schedule to make sure that there is somebody left at home to see to our youngest.

I am a little bit worried, for now, that Camille will be eating lunch in school now. She eats quite slowly and is a little bit clumsy yet. I am sure she'll be fine. It's just a mother's worrying hat on when new things come their kids' way. I might have to be there for a day or two and see if she gets along well on her own and to teach her. I do not have plans of being there everyday because I don't think that will be to her benefit in teaching her independence. My wish at this time is that she finds a friend with whom she will enjoy having lunch with. I know kids do things better with company they like. I also hope she eats well even without our supervision.

I am also wary that, since she's in grade school now, her lessons will be different and things will be different from when she was in preschool.

I have long prepared the kids' supplies so I am oh-so-ready for school already. I hope you are done with your preparations too.

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