Thursday, May 13, 2010

2010, 7, 4

This year, 2010, is proving to be a roller cosater of a year for me. Just recently, my husband and I celebrated our seventh year of married life together. I am happy that we have reached seven! My husband has been a great husband and a great dad so I am very thankful.

This year also, we are going to have another addition to the family! I am on the way with our fourth child! I have to say that this pregnancy came as a total surpirse. Now, I am suddenly faced with the need to rearrange schedules and a whole lot of things to give way to my childbirth about five months from now. I am not sure whether I want a girl or a boy but my husband wants a boy so that our Cedric would have a buddy.

One other thing I was ecstatic about was our vacation to one of my hometowns. Earlier in April, the whole family went on a two-week vacation to my mom's side's home. We got to visit the city and other relatives. What I am so happy about with this trip is the chance for my cousins, aunts and grandfather to spend time with my children. I can see they adore the kids and actually wish that we leave them there! Until now, the kids would remember them from time to time.

I am taking things slower right now because I realized that getting pregnant after 30 years old gets more difficult for me. I get tired easily and actually experienced afternoon sickness, something I did not go through with my other kids. Now on my second trimester, the sickness attacks are gone. I also feel my appetite getting bigger (I ate very minimally in my first trimester.) but I do try to eat healthy which was actually easier than thinking smaller portions.

I'll see you in my next post.

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