Monday, May 10, 2010

At Seven

A lot of women wish for somebody who will sweep them off their feet, love them, take care of them and support them. Well, I have found mine more than seven years ago.

This year, Milper and I are celebrating our seven years of marriage. Previous to that, we dated for about two years. May 10 is actually our only anniversary- you know, couples celebrate even monthsaries and all from the time they start being a couple.

After three kids (and another one on the way), I am honestly happy about our married life. Milper is a great husband and dad as well. I am not sure about his housekeeping skills but that's another topic, of course!

Milper and I are somewhat both intellectual, modesty aside. We have been blessed with parents who sent us to the best schools they almost cannot afford. On some days, he would crack a joke which I am sure not a lot of people will 'get' easily but I do. I would tell him, "Buti na lang ako napangasawa mo. kundi baka di nagets ang joke mo. " (It's good you got married to me. Otherwise, your joke would not have been understood.) He would say likewise. *smile* He is my aunts' answer to their prayers for me: that I get to marry someone as smart or smarter than me.

I can say a lot of good things about him. His only fault I can remember is when he forgets to call or text when he will not be having dinner at home or he'll not be able to pick me up. I'd be waiting and later find out, he can't make it.

What makes our marriage smooth sailing would be our love for talking to each other everyday and not making a big deal out of everything. Well, sometimes, I do. We don't treat this marriage like its some serious project but we do give our share in making it work. Respect, understanding, empathy and affection do get your marriage a long way. We have seen couples talk to and treat each other like s**t. We don't. Being married does not give you license to mistreat each other.

If you will ask if he has a brother or a cousin, sorry but there's no one else like him.