Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simply big bags to mommy bags: Changes that happen to a mom

Admittedly, we go through changes in our life every now and then depending on the situations we go through. I would have to say that motherhood, and married life at that, brought about certain adjustments, some trivial and some major, in my life. However, I don't want this to be a "heavy" article so I am going to let you in on the petty and some funny changes that happened to me.

I have always liked big bags even during the time when they were not a fashion trend yet. I use big bags because I want to bring along things that I MIGHT need. The contents of my bag include all the school supplies that are not bigger than my bag and "retouch" and cleaning up necessities ranging from the face powder to alcohol.

When I had kids, for a while, my bags were set aside to give way to the diaper bag. Luckily, when I became a mom, the diaper bags were not as hideous and were actually designed already to be in-fashion. My small alcohol bottle gave way to a bigger one and the planner had to give way to the diapers and changing mat. Now that the kids do not require as much of the things that they needed when they were teeny-weeny babies, I still include AT ALL TIMES wet wipes, hand sanitizers and alcohol, snacks and change of clothes. With Cedric now at almost 18 months, he requires milk enough until we get back home, change of clothes and still his changing mat.

One thing that I always take note of is whether our destination has a clean toilet. The kids and I need to pee in clean restrooms. Otherwise, we have to try to disinfect the toilet with alcohol.

At their age, my two girls are now great companions to malling, grocery shopping or even to service shops like the seamstress, doctor, salon and the like.

My puchase of clothes have been affected as well. I have stuck to flat shoes, stud earrings and easy-to-manage hair. I have maintained fragrance-free cosmetics as much as I can so as to not irritate their sensitive skins. Great thing is that I love using those anyway so it's not a big effort to use them at all.

Unfortunately, my diet has been affected as well. When you have little kids at home, they like ice creams and those sweet biscuits and drinks so most of the time, you end up sharing the meal with them. Oh well... it's not their fault but it's my lack of discipline in eating healthy.

As they say, change is good. For me, especiallly good and fulfilling when I see my children happy and healthy.

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