Friday, February 12, 2010

I walked down the aisle in my white flats

While most brides choose strappy, glittered, shimmering, high-heeled shoes of white or silver, mine are white, baby doll style flats which I remember buying from Mendrez at Glorietta.

Why? I am definitely a simple lady and anti-what's-in-fashion sometimes. I chose to wear those shoes for my wedding because my husband is about two inches shorter than me. So if I wear heels, I would be much taller!

On the day of our wedding, my photographers and gown designer friend, Matto Garcia, were shocked when they saw my white shoes. Not even shiny or beaded or embroidered. Plain white, baby doll shoes which looked simpler than nurse loafers. Matto, in his shrill voice, said, "Ano to? Binyag?" He is always upset at my lack of fashion sense. He had to coerce me into putting beads on my wedding gown.

Anyway, here is a photo of those precious shoes.

I honestly could have opted to wear something pretty like flat strappy sandals or super low heels but I chose to wear those shoes because I simply liked them. Functional and comfortable, I did not complain of "feet killing me" which often happens on long wedding receptions.

So where are the shoes now? I have them in storage in their original box. I could not wear them anymore though because, apparently, your feet get a little bit longer when you give birth. I do try to wear them on short trips when they would not be too uncomfortable. They still look pristine to me after six years. They are definitely one of the many remarkable symbols of my beautiful wedding day and, now, an emblem of a beautiful married life.

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