Thursday, February 18, 2010

My one heartache

Nope. This is not another heartbroken, love story.

I live in General Santos City and my family and friends are hundreds of miles away. Still in the same country but far nonetheless. I belong to a family that is big on get-togethers and birthdays. We remember each others' special dates. We try to make it when we invited to special occasions.

Now, that my husband, my children and I live here, I get frustrated not being able to attend celebrations in our family and even, meet-ups with friends from work and school.

When my children have important school activities or it's their birthday or if I have milestones in my career, they are still celbrated in the best way we can but it is saddening to think that we cannot share it with our relatives and friends. They are growing up not being familiar with the people around whom my husband were raised.

Don't get me wrong. I honestly love living where we are now because we can live comfortably and it's less-stressed out here in the province. We do get to enjoy a lot of luxuries. It is the "being-away-from-them" that really hits hard. We do get to go home but it's not as often as we'd wish it to be.

Hopefully, this summer I can take the children to their grandparents and let my aunts enjoy their rowdy company.

They say home is where the heart is. Well, mine is in two places.


  1. awwww, hugging you from Manila!

  2. (catch) (hug back)

    Thanks Caryl! mWAH!