Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet my Children (part 2 of 3): Maxinne


My second child is still a girl. Her name is Maxinne. Unlike her ate Camille, whose name is a combination of my name and my husband's, Maxinne was named Maxinne because we just simply liked that name. Looking at her name, it seems it's an apt name for her. She's "Maxed" if you know what I mean. Maxed out eating, talking, asking, luckily all the good things.

Maxinne is full of energy. She can keep talking nonstop, eat with gusto and watch a movie while talking at the same time. The whole time. If you don't tell her to stop, she will blabber on and on until she gets hungry or needs to urinate.

It is difficult to talk about Maxinne without talking about Camille too. They are always mistaken to be twins, they are just two grades away from each other, they have the same teachers and almost wear the same dress size. Their preschool teachers notice the difference between Camille and Maxinne. While Camille is sometimes shy and prim and proper, Maxinne is super active and curious.

She likes to eat too. She's a simpleton when it comes to food and not too adventurous. Her favorite would be egg and rice, liquid seasoning or soy sauce with kalamansi and rice, pansit, corned beef, Jollibee's chickenjoy and iced tea. She eats substantially and drinks her breakfast chocolate milk in one gulp.

Despite her being super active, she could get very girly and kikay too. She likes wearing dresses and anything pink. Both my girls like getting a haircut because they like sitting there and getting their hair done and blowdried.

When she dances, you will see every part of her body dancing. She gives it her all. And I do hope that when she grows up, that she be able to give the same passion she shows now to whaever she chooses to do in life.

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