Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet my Children (part 1 of 3)

It is but fitting for my readers to get to know the little kids who are the inspiration for this blog. I got this inspiration from Randy Pausch in his book The Last Lecture where he wrote about the things he loves about his three children.

So I will be writing about my children in the order they were born. You'll notice that all of them have one-word first names. They really don't have any second or third name. We want them to write down their name fast. It would be very convenient for them.


Camille just turned six. She is the ultimate kikay. She likes pink, she likes dresses, she likes going out, she likes hair clips, she likes pretty sandals. She likes being pretty-fied. During school activities, she is most excited about the makeup.

But when Camille was a baby, she had very little hair and she was mistaken for a baby boy (maybe that was my fault because she was wearing tees and shorts all the time). Now she's a little princess.

She has gotten that aura of an ate or older sister. She's not rowdy at all and shows a lot of finesse in all that she does. She does not throw tantrums. You can leave her with an activity or a book and she will be fine. Unlike other kids, she does not roam around when we go to the mall or some public place unless you allow her to.

She and Maxinne are mistaken to be twins because they look very similar and their height is almost the same.

In her class, I think Camille is the smallest. When she was in Senior Nursery and Kinder 1, her teachers and her bigger classmates would carry her like a baby. When she comes back to school after a day or two's absence, she was welcomed warmly and hugged.

Now that she's six, we are training her for responsibility. We just delegate as many errands in the house that we can give her like getting this and that, wiping the dining table and such.

She is not as makulit as Maxinne, which I am thankful for, to some extent. But at her age, she gives out reactions to certain situations which tells me she just might be growing up to be like me. Of course, that's what most parents would like (their child becoming to be like them). The people who know would know what I am talking about.

One thing that fascinates my husband and me about Camille is her willingness to try out food, any kind of food. She's like a little gourmand or food critic. When she was 4, she was able to eat with chopsticks already. She likes eating out with me because I like to try out restaurants and new dishes as well. When the three of us go otu, myself, Camille and Maxinne, and you ask where should we eat, Maxinne would say "Jo***ee!" and I would suggest another restaurant, Camille would vote with me. So I win!
This early, she loves to read books already and boy, are we glad! She troops to the book section at once when we go to National Book Store.
This month, when she turned six, I had a hard time making the thought sink in. She is six. She is six. It seemed like she was just learning to walk last month.
Being our firstborn, she was somewhat a star being the first grandchild and first niece in both our families. And she still is.

About Maxinne to be continued in the next post


  1. I really love your kids, Cathy! Enjoy seeing them, even though it's not often enough!

  2. Oh thank you Bob! Camille's graduating from pfeschool hehe