Sunday, January 10, 2010

A day in the Bolodo household

Before you say, "What da hell do I care about your household schedule?", please read on.

Our day starts early at 5AM on school days and a lot later on holidays and weekends. My husband or I cook breakfast, helper starts cleaning up, sets the table and then when the kids are awake, we go ahead and eat breakfast. We prepare for school. Toothbrush, dress up, snacks, bags. Milper brings the kids to school except when he's out of town.

After they have left, the house gets cleaned. That's probably the only busy time in the house. Either I or the helper fetch the kids from school. Most of the time, Cedric is at home, sleeping, drinking milk, playing or just walking around the house. The two girls only have class for three hours. They are home before lunch. An afternoon nap is a must for the kids. I highly suggest that to give you some quiet time and for the kids to get recharged after school.

Most of the kids' day is spent playing and playing and playing. For myself, I swing between cooking, taking care of Cedric and working/playing/watching on the computer.

When the sun starts setting, the kids go out and play in the plaza or, yes, in the streets. They get back home for dinner, wash up and change to their PJs. Nighttimes are spent lazing around after dinner and doing homeworks. All of our meals are in the dining table and eaten together except for dinner when Milper does not get home early enough for the kids' dinnertime.

Why am I telling you all about this? Because I hope that you are also making a routine for your kids. It has worked greatly for us because the kids learn a lot of things and get used to rituals early on in life that I hope would be with them till forever. Rituals like not sleeping without washing your face and brushing your teeth, hanging your towel, putting your clothes in the hamper and putting back their toys in the cabinet after they play and eating their food properly.

Kids like consistency. They like to be assured. (Don't we all?) On a day when we miss a ritual, they ask why have we not done it. It's a companion to discipline and diligence which I hope they will have.

So start on your rituals if you have not done so.

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