Sunday, June 19, 2011

3 Simple Things You can Teach Kids to help the Environment

It's June and it's Environment Month.

Even at an early age (my kids are still in early grade school), I believe it is absolutely possible to start teaching your kids to be environmentally friendly. My kids are already into this since they were 2 years old so basically, they got these down pat for some years ago.

Here are three simple things you can start teaching them.

PUT YOUR TRASH IN THE PROPER BIN. Anywhere they go, my kids are told to put their trash in the trash bin. In school, malls, parks, beaches, pools, at home and even when in streets. I would always be upset to see food wrappings, junk foods at that, scattered just outside our fence knowing that some kid or maybe adult just dropped their trash there. Disposing of your trash properly is a sign of discipline and good manners.

USING SCRATCH PAPERS. Like any other child, my kids L O V E T O D R A W. They can practically do it all day. So I do buy them coloring books and drawing books. At the same time, I also tell them that they can use the back of my used papers. It shows them that even trash paper can still be used for their enjoyment and that it is important not to throw paper espedcially if you've just printed on one side.

SAVE ON WATER AND ELECTRICITY. We encourage our kids to save on water and electricity and praise them when they turn off lights when not in use or when they drink all the water in their cups.

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