Saturday, April 9, 2011

Do you have your husband's ATM?

I am pretty sure this is going to make a lot of wives ponder or ask, "Why do you want to know anyway?".

Do you have your husband's ATM? Does he give you his pay envelope straight from the payroll releasing clerk?

I don't have my husband's ATM nor do I ask him to give all his earnings to me. Here's why.

It's his money and he has primary right to it.

I didn't ask for his ATM nor his whole paycheck turned over because I recognize that it is he who worked hard for that money. Personally, for as long as he provides well for the family's needs, I don't have to know how much he earned. Now that I'm writing this article, I actually don't remember how much his salary is. Although he does show me his yearly tax returns and salary adjustment documents.

In my opinion, when you take someone else's card, it's sort of intrusive and selfish. Yes, you're married but I believe that there are still things a married couple should retain like their individuality, friends, family and a whole lot of personal things. I think this decision not to mind my husband's finances stems from my own capability to earn money and my husband's good reputation in being trustworthy and faithful.

At the same time, I know of husbands who really voluntarily "surrender" or endorse their entire income to their wives.

For me, getting married does not, or did not, mean giving up these kinds of things. There are still parts of your life that should remain yours.


  1. Cath, same with you, I do not have Ric's ATM nor does he give me the entire income he has each month, I ask him if he has money and if he does, we can go shopping for needs, grocery and stuff, if we don't have anything to buy, the money stays in the ATM as savings. Although I earn petty cash compared to him, I sometimes get more with the online jobs I have that's why we complement each other. And no, he does not have to surrender it all to me, I can just ask.

  2. Hi Sheng! Di ba it's more convenient for everybody.
    I think we also cannot surrender our ATMs bec we need it to transfer our paypal earnings hehehehe