Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Choices a Mom Has to Make

My days recently have been uber busy.

Two accounts, four kids, summer classes, no helper. I am just thankful my mommy is here to see to my kids. I would have made this a reason to excuse myself temporarily from work but some tasks are just time-critical at this point that I can only pursue them.

Today, I was glad to see a break from the late night schedule and went home earlier than usual. I was so happy to get home while the kids are still awake! To others, this might sound trivial. But to a mom like me with a crazy schedule, the meager time I am able to talk to them and have dinner with the family is PRECIOUS. I got to chit-chat with my two girls before their bedtime, put my five-month-old baby to sleep and watch TV with hubby. My heart is just welling up with emotions while writing this article.

I do have a choice to just stay home but I choose to work part-time as well. Not that motherhood is insufficient, but having a life and a career aside from family life is important for my self-esteem. It keeps me sane. At the same time, I know, that if I have to choose between working and taking care of the kids, I will choose the latter.


  1. Way to go Cat, life may be crazy but we are doing it for the future of the kids, and for our sanity.

  2. Thanks Sheng! Yes, definitely for the kids and for our sanity.