Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When will my life begin?

My title might give you an idea that I am looking for some other kind of life. Well, not exactly.

For three months now, my life has been a routine consisting mainly of cooking and taking care of our newborn Marcus. To be honest, I miss the hectic schedule I had just before I gave birth. I like to stay at home and cook and dilly-dally on the Net but for a woman who has had a taste of the fast lane, I just have to have some serving of work every now and then.

A lot of women would be glad to exchange places with me. For that reason, I am really thankful that I don't need to have their prayer. I guess I just miss working and meetings over coffee. I miss cerebral activities.

So I guess while the babysitter is yet undiscovered, I have to make the most of my current situation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bored nor unhappy. Entertainment is available in my house with or without the internet. Books, CDs, movies, cooking and more books are a few steps away. Unhappy? No, not really.

So when will my life begin is really a question meant for my career life or my work life. At the same time, just to be more demanding, I don't mean work all the time all weeklong. Just something that will take a few days of my week so that I still get to stay at home and see to the kids and to the cooking. It's the life I hope will begin soon.

And by the way, the title is from a song from a movie I saw recently.

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