Sunday, September 19, 2010

Is it just 5 weeks to go?

It's been awhile since I last wrote on this blog due to a lot of reasons. Got busy with work mainly, lots of work at that. There was a time when I had three projects going on! It was crazy for a pregnant woman but, boy oh boy!, I survived it. Pretty proud of myself.

As my title says, I can't believe I'm due in about 5 weeks! That's pretty near and yet so far for a pregnant woman. You see, there's a boredom of sorts at this stage. At this point in a woman's gestation, it's sort of taken so long already that you just want to get it done and over with.

Filipinos measure by month but I wrote the weeks on my planner so I count by weeks. My 40th week is at the last week of October. My ultrasound says I'm due on Nov. 4. I have a feeling the baby's gonna be coming once the 20s of October get on.

I am done with buying consumable baby stuff like cotton, nappy and the like since those are what I basically need. All my kids baby clothes and crib are still here so we just need to have them washed and pressed next month.

At 35 weeks, I prefer sitting down a lot now and have difficulty sleeping a lot as well. Cramps are lesser this time. Baby is kicking and punching (I don't know which applies) a lot that I think he's just as keen on coming already as I am.

Does the baby have a name already? Yes, he does! But though I have divulged it on my facebook, I will be keeping it secret here for now. Surely will start with letter M.


  1. wow, another baby boy! congrats, beautiful mom!

  2. Here's another cheers for the new baby!