Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baby Things Reinvented

I have four kids and everytime I get pregnant and troop to the store to shop, I would always be amazed at the new stuff some bright minds have come up for babies.

A few years back, when we had a cosco car seat, I thought we are already up-to-date. Then came, high-end ear thermometers, ultra-chic high chairs and strollers. Boy, baby things are a whole industry on their own.

Some cool things actually also come from ordinary things we didn't think could be made into what they are now. Example are the laser thermometers, milk dispensers with side spouts for each compartment, baby bottles with straws (in case the kid is seating while drinking his or her milk), cool rattles, toddler rain boots and shoes with RFID (so you can track them in case they get lost) and more. The list just goes on and on.

I am one who rarely hops on the bandwagon but I have to admit, these new things really make childcare more convenient. Unfortunately, no one has yet made a tool to put babies to sleep on cue or to make them stop crying when you want to. Hmmm.... When you think about it, any gadget that can do those must be quite odd.

However, good childcare does not rely on gadgets or the most expensive baby things. It is dependent on a loving heart for the baby and the willingness to care for your baby no matter what.

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