Tuesday, December 9, 2014

#MerrySMChristmas in the eyes of my children

Oh Christmas! Is it also your most looked-forward-to season of the year? 

For parents like me, Christmas has long taken on a different and selfless hue when I had children. My first child, Camille was born ten years ago. Since then, it has been all about what brings glee to my children's eyes on Christmas. Decembers have turned into gift lists and gift hunting, Holiday mall events of Santa, show, beautiful trees, carnivals and school parties.It has turned into making the Christmas tree into the kids' Christmas craft making project, bonding over star and snowman cutouts and a constant supply of Santa hats and reindeer headbands.  

I think children sees Christmas in a lot more delightful way than adults. Something that adults could benefit greatly from. Sure, we get busy over parties and gift shopping. But we have a tendency to stop being in awe of Christmas lights, Santas and reindeers, and all the trimmings. We whiz by, hopping from one bazaar or party to another, thinking where to get the next party's costume and worrying how to burn all those yummy pasta and desserts. Adult life indeed!

That is why, this December, I have decided to stare more, to be awed, to live a little slower. Compared to previous years, I took on less work to find more time for the children and to go around the city where we live to see Christmas events and decors. So far, it has been a blast. 

Early morning coffee in my favorite coffeeshops, early mall shopping and more time to think about our menu for Noche Buena and Media Noche. More time to organize our charity donations, yearend general thorough home cleaning and, last but not the least, wardrobe audit! 

It has also given me time to start planning for next year while giving myself a personal and work review of sorts for the year that will soon be over.

Now that I did that, I hope a lot more people could try it too. It surely has been good for my well-being.

You can also give joy this Christmas by giving Bears of Joy. For only P 200, you can keep one cuddly bear and give one away to a child in one of the orphanages supported by SM Cares.  Get love by giving love!

For more details on events at SM, visit this link

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