Saturday, July 19, 2014

Stay-at-home mothers, this is for you

Are you a full-time mother? Do you have a few hours to spare in a day for cerebral work? Or are you thinking of working part-time to spend more time at home?

If you are one of those and if you have acquired some skills like writing, web design, html, marketing and others, you have a good chance of getting online work. One of the sites offering online jobs is Currently, I have an account with them. It's totally free to get basic membership. The jobs you get from elance range from writing to proofreading to web development. These jobs are all monitored, submitted and accomplished online. Some jobs may have to be done at client-specified time but for most other jobs, they are at fixed rate which means that an agreed delivery date is what will matter.
Click here to start signing up at Elance.  I will share more online work websites in my future articles.

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