Thursday, June 30, 2011

Does your child have a tutor?

My children don't have tutors. Here's why.

When we send our children to school, it is with the unspoken wish that they'll learn from their teachers. Sometimes, kids don't come out with good grades in a certain subject. Some parents panic! Get a tutor, send to Kumon, change vitamins or milk and the like.

I think parents should keep their cool and just let the school address this. This is because, well, they are already in school. Do we really need to extend their studying hours unnecessarily? When we were kids, we didn't have tutors. Should it be different now? Admittedly, the curriculum of our kids are more advanced. But I believe that this curriculum would not be put in place if the education experts have not studied it and found it feasible for their age.

My eldest last year had a remediation notice for social studies. It was just a notice that she MIGHT need remediation. I waited for another letter and just told Camille to study harder. I am glad also that my children's school does not encourage having tutors.

If your kids can survive on their own in studies, that is one early life lesson we can teach them. I would feel really proud of my children if their grades and merits are all out of their efforts alone. Yes, we, parents are there for the things they cannot do on their own like buy materials for projects or produce a family picture or bring a costume. But for everything else within their capability, we should not do school work for our kids nor bring in more work for them by sending them to the tutor.

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