Friday, June 17, 2011

Are your in-laws as cool as mine?

This will surely get mixed reactions and emotions for married people as I am sure that not everyone is blessed with great in-laws like I am. For other married people, the topic of in-laws might not be a good idea to write about. Heck, it might even bring back bad thoughts or unpleasant memories.

In my case, I have to say I am lucky.

My husband's family are as supportive and as kindhearted as a bestfriend. If this is not enough words to say how great they are.

You might say, "Well, you probably don't live with them in the same house." You are right. My in-laws live in another place. Which is exactly why some of you married people should try to get your own place. Admittedly, it might be inevitable for some of you to do that. However, I know there is a way for us to live in harmony.

My mother-in-law, with senior citizen card and all, dresses more fashionably than me. She can dance and party like a yuppie. She is no KJ and has energy to go shopping all day. My father-in-law is a gentle, soft-spoken man who is just all supportive and understanding of his children.

My sisters-in-law and only brother-in-law are respectful, polite and definitely fun to be with. I do wish sometimes, though, that we all had more time to spend together than the occasional vacation or visit for the kids' parties.

If you have not been as lucky, don't worry, we all do not get to have everything. For me, I have been blessed in this aspect of married life.


  1. Amen with that. I only have the MIL since hubby no longer has a dad, but I live peacefully under her house when we are there during the weekdays. Although there are times wen discuss things and our views to it are different, we settle with ways we can arrive at one point. I am lucky. And blessed too, that the MIL is one who is generous as having topay for part of kids' school needs. baka siya na pagastusin ko sa college, LOL.

  2. Hey Sheng! You are lucky too! Happy for you!