Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marcus' Choco-Mint themed Baptism Lunch

Last Sunday was a special day for the Bolodo Family as it was the christening of our youngest, Marcus.

As with my kids' previous parties, I always have a theme. And as always, I didn't want to be confined to blue (because he's a boy) or to cartoon characters. So this time, I chose choco-mint.

First thing I did was order cupcakes. The confectioner had to test the cupcakes as they have not done choco-mint cupcakes before. They turned out good.

Next, the centerpieces. For the tables, I used cheap light green placemats and divided them into two to make a mini-holder for the shot glasses I placed on top filled with chocolate wafer sticks and other kinds of chocolates. It was my first edible centerpiece and I loved it. I also printed a small thank you card for a more personal touch.

The buffet table decor was super cheap and still in theme. i Cut out letters M, A,R,C,U and S on brown and two shades of green construction paper. Pasted them on circle papers and attached them to popsicle sticks (I used three sticks to make a long one). I attached ribbons under the circle paper and stuck into potted plants. You can also vary the height for a little dynamic effect.

My greatest find while putting this party together are these giveaways: paper baby shoes with the design from the children's storybook Guess How Much I Love You. (They come in other designs too.) Ordered them from a college friend and filled them with different kinds of chocolates. They were a hit!

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