Friday, March 4, 2011

Coffee, my life's cup of tea

Coffee has become some sort of "marker" for the events in my life. This is because my coffee consumption, or otherwise, has been dictated by what's happening in my life.

For the millions of people who are addicted to coffee, I am sure they can say that it's their staple. For some, it has become some sort of security blanket, beverage crack, energy drink and status symbol.

My love for coffee started when I was still working in Manila for a resort in beautiful Palawan. My work sometimes entailed me to meet clients or colleagues over coffee. My weekends and gimmicks also involved a lot of coffee.

Every time I am pregnant and I breastfeed, I stop drinking coffee altogether. My caffeine I would get from decaf and the occasional chocolate drink and chocolate cake. I guess my love for coffee is defeated by my clockwork discipline when I am pregnant.

My current work life now is over coffee since I don't have an official office so contracts are sealed and meetings are done in one of my favorite coffee places. My husband and I gulp down some coffee after our dinner date.

Needless to say, coffee has become a constant companion. It truly is one of the greatest joys in life.

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