Sunday, March 27, 2011

5 Tips in Caring for newborn skin

My fourth child, Marcus, is now five months old. Though he is already past the super-fragile stage, we still maintain all our childcare habits which we applied to all our children from birth.

My family is extremely strict when it comes to hygiene in little children. Some of the things I do to my kids have been passed on from generation to generation in my family. Kids' skins are very sensitive and any little wrong procedure may irritate their skin or even worse, their health.

Here are my Five Tips to caring for your newborn's skin.

# 1 LACTACYD BABY BATH for the first two months
I used Lactacyd baby bath with all my kids. I personally like the scent and that it washes quite easily.

# 2 PERLA for their laundry
All my baby's clothes are washed exclusively using Perla. In the Philippines, it is a quiet, dependable brand that has withstood so many large brands and time. I think it is made using coconut oil. It does not contain skin-irritating ingredients and leaves a white residue on water when the clothes are being rinsed. It comes now in like four colors or variants but I only use the white one as it does not leave any color on the clothes.

It does not mean that because they are babies, that they do not get dirty thus not need to bathe. On the other hand, they throw up, mess up their milk, pee and poop practically the whole day so they actually need washing. If you are not okay with bathing them twice a day, it is okay to do it once an day and a warm sponge bath before bedtime.

#4 Change linen every other day or as necessary.
When my baby is days or weeks old, I change their bed cover and pillows almost everyday. As they get older at around three months onwards, the frequency gets down to twice or three times a week.

# 5 Separate washbasins and washing altogether
I always make sure that our newborn's washbasins, hangers, dipper and hamper or basket are exclusively for the baby's clothes only. Their clothes are washed separately altogether using only Perla until they are around one year old.

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