Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dealing with Second Trimester Discomforts

I am in my 20th week of pregnancy and I just realized now, I am actually halfway through! Wow, that was fast. I did not almost noticed the time that passed already.

So now I'm well into the second trimester and this semester usually gets a pregnant woman into a few discomforts. This being my fourth child, I sort of anticipated them and avoided some of them. However, some are unavoidable for me I noticed that I have to learn to deal with them and somehow, lessen the inconvenience.

TOOTHACHES. I have never had toothaches anytime in my life except when I get pregnant. This is because the baby's calcium requirement suck your calcium thus putting peril to your teeth. During my first pregnancy, it was so bad I had to use toothache drops and drink painkillers. Avoid extreme toothache or even tooth loss by increasing calcium in your diet. If you are yet to be pregnant, make sure that you are on calcium supplements and have regular dental check-ups. Be wary though that calcium supplements usually cause constipation which brings me to the next discomfort.

CONSTIPATION. First, let me say that it really happens often to pregnant women. At some point in your pregnancy, some bodily functions refuse to cooperate and refuse to give you the usual convenience of doing it everyday. How to avoid it? Lots of fiber, avoid meats and drink lots of water and juices. Moving a lot, exercise help a lot too.

WADDLING AND PAIN BELOW BELLY. Okay, you may say, really now, waddling? Yes, the second trimester is usually the time when some pregnant women seem to waddle. Yeah, like a duck. There's also usually light pain in the pubic bone area that could be a discomfort. Not really painful but discomfort. The pain is caused by the hormone relaxin that causes the pelvis, or the pubic bone area, to loosen. Books told me that this is good since it makes childbirth easier. The pain should not require you to drink any medicine. Just avoid sitting or standing too long or being in the same position for some time.

SLEEPING DIFFICULTIES. For me, I constantly wake up at night to urinate or for no reason at all. What I usually do, lessen my liquid intake before dinner. I also try to sleep and wake up at a particular time every time to get my body clock in tune. To some extent, it's like your body is training you for the wee morning diaper changing and feeding when the baby comes. Try to get a second or third pillow to hug which should help you sleep better.

I am sure that before I know it, it's my due date already. Hope my article helps you pregnant women out there.

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