Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Road to 28 inch waistline

I have a 33 inch waistline now after three pregnancies and almost seven years of marriage. I think I was at 28 inches before I got married so I want that size back.

However, recently, I was looking at my old photographs and I honestly don't want to be that thin again. I look malnourished! My waistline must have been around 25 inches. Yes, slim but not apt for me right now.

So it's somewhat a "meet-halfway" goal to aim for 28 inches again. Why 28? Because some of my skirts and pants which I have not used since I became pregnant are size 28.

So in order to get my 28 waistline back, I am exercising and reducing computer time and carbohydrates. So far, I have not succumbed to diet pills, slimming pills or appetite depressants. I do drink juices with L-Carnithine and include whole grain snacks and cereals to my grocery list. I also get great tips from one of my subscriptions from Let me clarify, though, I do not have anything against diet pills. If exercise and a sensible diet don't work, I just might resort to those.

I have been on this for almost a month yet. I do not yet show any considerable weightloss but I have gained a lot already. I feel lighter, move more easily and have more energy. So that's not bad for a start, in my opinion.

It might be a long travel to 28. I do hope and pray I can keep up the regimen. Oatmeal, anyone?

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